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This week I spent good time BigChainDB folks in Berlin on Microsoft/BigChainDB hackathon – so we hacking, designing and coding together. Besides other outcome ( which should be not only barely working code in python) there’s some thought which came up into my mind and I want to share it there.

So we have devices – it can be any IoT like devices as rapsberry Pi or Riddle&Code cryptodevices which support AES, Diffie Hellman and secure way to keep keys inside of cryptomodule, or even smart cars like Kia or VolksWagen who collects car telemetry, or even musical instruments or not even device in common meaning like luxury clothes or paintings . And we would like to to get data from device or prove device authenticity and we’re going to do it in secure way. For example, we would like to get information from smart car about its telemetry/mileage and this information should be shared to new potential car owner or insurance company as important insights about smart car status.

  • Here we go to first important topic in that area – its ‘how to identify device in some kind of secure way?’. Basically from that point of view there’s two types of devices (or not devices – do you remember paintings and musical instruments mentioned before)  – first are provide some secure features like ‘I can keep private/public key’ and  second one are about ‘i don’t have any keys at all’. In first case we’re very good – there’s device which have it’s own unique keypair and this keypair can be efficiently used anywhere to identify device. In second case ( 99.95% or even more devices ) we have only properties which should be treated as publicly exposed information, for example:
    – serial number ( VIN ), mostly never changed and mostly unique, but not always – for example for VIN there’s a cases where VIN can be changed ( for example you change engine on your car, then you have new engine with new VIN, but car itself is the same )
    – consumer properties like color, size, weight and so on. Some of that properties are immutable ( like weight or size ) in case if device is in proper state, some like color can be changed easily (after washing for example ) without any affect to main functionality of our device.
    – manufacturer properties: year, factory id, name of device, person who made an assembly and so on. These properties are immutable because device got them as part of its existence/historical data. Yes, serial number is also some kind of manufacturer properties and the reason why I differentiate it from other manufacturer properties because serial number is going to treated like unique identifier, at least it has much more changes to be treated in that way than any other properties.

For these non-secure devices we do have two options kindly provided by blockchain technology – option one it’s to use One Authority center to


like a google

note: post is under development 🙂

Azure Service Fabric implements great concepts of microservices ( sorry for saying that so simplified ), there’s a lot of demos and docs which demonstrate nice pictures and moving boxes, but I surely see that most important and key basement features of that service are tough to find, especially for those who just started with Service Fabric.

As you know we recently add DNS services into preview mode and you can subscribe to this service using Request-AzureProvideFeature like that

Request-AzureProvideFeature -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Network -FeatureName azurednspreview

So good question here is about how get list of all possible available options for FeatureName ?

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I will describe how this schema works for single VM with running Linux/Jelastic. So first of all let check that do we have for that VM by using Get-AzureDeployment command and then let go deep that happened inside that file

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Get-AzureVM | Where-Object {$_.InstanceSize -ne 'Basic_A0'} | Set-AzureVMSize "Basic_A0" | Update-AzureVM

world never be the same, android sdk on Visual Studio

Just check it out Visual studio 2015 preview

Windows Azure portal - now and three years ago

update : Also take a look on Forbes analitycs : Identifying The Tech Leaders In LTE Wireless Patents

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Cloud computing humor

smartphone market share android iphone blackberry

Short how-to:

root@215003:~# mysql -u root -p
Enter password:
mysql> CREATE DATABASE s_db;
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON s_db.* to 's_user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '12345678';
mysql -u s_user -p s_db < database.sql

Hello world c++

Interesting poll in linkedin – results ( as expected ) – Android is first :

Below I put some snapshots from Googl’e chrome release cycle presentation with some comments.
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