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Since middle of April 2010 I’m work with redmine as corporate wiki in my company – we choose redmine mostly because it’s free, open-source and pretty popular – we don’t need to provide any accounting stuff to buy it officially and in case of some troubles we can find solution in redmine user’s community ( or fix it by ourselft – it’s written on Ruby btw ). As some minus of redmine I can note that redmine don’t really have very detailed documentation – some stuff is skipped and you need to figure out it by yourselft. So in this post I will share my own tips and trick as redmine active user.

Using anchors in redmine

There’s no {anchor} macro in redmine ( Confluence wiki got it btw ) – instead of this you can use h1, h2 or h3 tags ( but not h4 ! ) – header text will be used by redmine as anchor text. Also if your anchor text contains space you need to replace this spaces (in link ) by minus sign. Also I can note that it’s looks that anchor texts isn’t case sensitive. Here’s some examples which can help you figure out it better :
Here’s some anchors from current page to page with name “my test page” which contains anchors “Hello wordl!” and “test”, so page which contain links is looks like :

[[my_test_page#Hello-world|Hello world]] - link to hello world section on my test page
[[my_test_page#test|test]] - link to test section on my test page

And page to which we refer it something about :

h1. Hello world
Some thing about ANSI C.
h2. Test
Something about test

Again I would like to note that only h1,h2, h3 tags will be treated as anchors, not h4. Also you can’t use header with “!” or “?” because you will have troubles with referring anchor to it ( I mean “h1. Hello world!” won’t create proper anchor is I can see from my experience ).

Usefull tips for table formatting in redmine

Here’s a link : Redmine: Create Tables Using Textile Formatting

How to use HTML tags in your redmine wiki documents ?

It’s really easy – go to file redcloth3.rb ( in my installation it located in /opt/redmine/lib/redcloth3.rb ) and change line onto adding tags which you would like to use. For example to enable <br>
and <a>  it’s enough to change it line which contains ALLOWED_TAGS initialization with your tags. Originally it was ( in my case this stuff located in 1187 line )
ALLOWED_TAGS = %w(redpre pre code notextile)

and I just it change to

ALLOWED_TAGS = %w(redpre pre code notextile br a)

To apply this changes don’t forget to restart web server – after this you will be able to use <a>.. </a> as they should be in HTML your redmine wiki pages. Also allowing tag <a> ( and as result enable <a name=”#my_anchor_text”> )will give an unlimited possibility to put anchors on wiki pages on any place which you like, for example in middle of tables.

Redmine usefull links

CppCMS – c++ framework for highloaded web projects and applications. As I can understand CppCMS faster when WordPress + PHP in in 5 times at least, but currently it used only by project owner to support CppCMS blog. To get more info about this project you may look at this links : How to install wiki++ and Wiki++ installation package