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The US military has announced plans to buy 2,200 more of the game consoles, so that they can massively beef up the processing power of an existing, PS3-based supercomputer. A “Justification Review Document,” which has oddly been deleted from Google since I found it but is still available at this cache link, explains that, “the new PS3s will be placed in a cluster environment with an existing cluster of 336 PS3s by connecting each of the units’ one gigabit Ethernet port to a common 24 port gigabit hub.”

* Cloud Computing makes your IT excessively dependent on the Internet
* Cloud Computing will attract clients mainly from Western markets
* Cloud Computing makes you dependent on the goodwill of your ISP
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If a recent Evans Data study is any indication, private cloud deployments could rise sharply over the next year.

NYC big ideas :

  • Realtime data on subway / bus arrivals / locations for use in mobile apps,
  • Free WiFi locations in all 5 boroughs
  • Mobile app to replace metro cards and kiosks
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If you’re looking for free light-weight Java class decompiler – take a look onto Emmanuel Dupuy’s JD – nice stuff with size about a 1 MB.

Stallman dismisses cloud computing as industry bluster. “It’s stupidity. It’s worse than stupidity: it’s a marketing hype campaign,” he said – huh, i agree that anything which contain “cloud” keyword have too much marketing stuff , but it’s not really stupid. There’s too much marketing stuff in this area ( and goGrid’s guys are the very first for this ‘too much marketing’ ), but let’s look on amazon ec2 – it’s really great amazing thing – last 7 years my work related with various size cluster’s, and last year my “server provider” is amazon – and I may say that amazon is much convenient than any company-owned-datacenter. For my it’s big deal when I can get 100 servers for 10 mins and run some job on them. There’s too much marketing noise in cloud industry, but it works and it works almost fine.
ps. Another point for cloud computing – it’s Steve Ballmer on defining the cloud.

The very best site is underconstruction I have seen in last year.