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AWS related links :

Cloud computing is a term that originally meant elastic on demand computing but is now a term applied elastically by marketdroids to any form of virtualisation.
This is part of the transition from 2009’s vBullshit to BaaS, Bullshit as a Service.


SaaS bullshit PaaS bullshit bingo

.. to be continued

Q1: What value will be printed ?
double d1 = 16, d2=2.0;
double d3 = (1/2) * ( sqrt(d1) + d2/2);
cout << d3 << endl;

Q2: Please write your own itoa implementation

Q3: What is pure virtual destructor? Shall ( or can ) pure virtual functions be implemented ?

Q4: Give an example of abort function implementation

Q5: Why we need semicolon after closing bracket in C++ class declaration ?

Q6: Can we call destructor directly? For what we may need it ?

Q7: Can we call constructor directly? For what we may need it ?

Q8: Can we thron an exception in destructor ?

Q9: What happen if we call pure virtual methods in constructor or destructor ? Same question about ‘non-pure’ virtual methods ?

Q10: Why don’t we have virtual constructors in C++ ?

Q11: What is difference between new and new [] ? Same thing about delete and delete [] ?

Q12: What is a difference between static_cast, dynamic_cast, reinterpret_cast and const_cast ?

Q13: Why do we need explicit keyword in C++ ?

Q14: Explain difference between

const MyClass c;
const MyClass &c2 = c;
const MyClass *c2 = &c;
const MyClass * const c2 = &c;

Q15: Difference between const_iterator and iterator

Q16: Implement Rand5 ( which returns randomly 0..4 ) use only Random7 ( which returns 0..6)

Q17: Can we use object of class ( or structure ) which doesn’t have name? Can we declare and use classes and structures without names ?

Q18: What is it factory pattern ?

( to be updated and continued very soon 🙂

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Some usefull highlights which looks interested for me from Laws of productivity : 8 productivity experiments you don’t need to repeat (if this link doesn’t work please use this link onto copy hosted on – simple thoughts which may help you to organize process better and make it more efficient. Continue reading ‘Laws of productivity : 8 productivity experiments you don’t need to repeat’ »

The US military has announced plans to buy 2,200 more of the game consoles, so that they can massively beef up the processing power of an existing, PS3-based supercomputer. A “Justification Review Document,” which has oddly been deleted from Google since I found it but is still available at this cache link, explains that, “the new PS3s will be placed in a cluster environment with an existing cluster of 336 PS3s by connecting each of the units’ one gigabit Ethernet port to a common 24 port gigabit hub.”

* Cloud Computing makes your IT excessively dependent on the Internet
* Cloud Computing will attract clients mainly from Western markets
* Cloud Computing makes you dependent on the goodwill of your ISP
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NYC big ideas :

  • Realtime data on subway / bus arrivals / locations for use in mobile apps,
  • Free WiFi locations in all 5 boroughs
  • Mobile app to replace metro cards and kiosks
via Tim o’Reilly

The central idea we were working on was this idea of de-localized information — information for which I didn’t care what computer it was stored on. It didn’t depend on any particular computer. I didn’t know the identities of other computers in the ensemble that I was working on. I just knew myself and the cybersphere, or sometimes we called it the tuplesphere, or just a bunch of information floating around. We used the analogy — we talked about helium balloons. We used a million ways to try and explain this idea – hn Markoff and Clay Shirky talk to David Gelernter – Lord of the Cloud

Great stuff unmaintainable code – ROFL 🙂 Just some quotes from it :

  • Refactoring is a most emotionally-satisfying activity.  It is second only to sex. Your own inchoate intention suddenly shines through with blinding clarity. You must restrain the impulse.
  • Too Much Of A Good Thing(TM): Go wild with encapsulation and OO. For example:
    myPanel.add( getMyButton() );
    private JButton getMyButton()
    return myButton;
    That one probably did not even seem funny. Don’t worry. It will some day.
  • The XML fad has created a bonanza of opportunities for obfuscation. The basic technique is to pick a random hunk of code, then invent an obscure way of representing its logic in XML. Then replace the piece of code with an XML properties file and an XML parser. Make sure the XML representation you choose is so limited that almost anything other than the original logic cannot be expressed in it. Of course you never document the XML language extension or the parser. Nobody questions the simplicity of XML. Using this technique, you should easily be able to balloon 10 lines of simple Java code up to 100 lines of perfectly opaque XML.
  • Nest as deeply as you can. Good coders can get up to 10 levels of ( ) on a single line and 20 { } in a single method. C++ coders have the additional powerful option of preprocessor nesting totally independent of the nest structure of the underlying code. You earn extra Brownie points whenever the beginning and end of a block appear on separate pages in a printed listing. Wherever possible, convert nested ifs into nested [? : ] ternaries. If they span several lines, so much the better.

Stallman dismisses cloud computing as industry bluster. “It’s stupidity. It’s worse than stupidity: it’s a marketing hype campaign,” he said – huh, i agree that anything which contain “cloud” keyword have too much marketing stuff , but it’s not really stupid. There’s too much marketing stuff in this area ( and goGrid’s guys are the very first for this ‘too much marketing’ ), but let’s look on amazon ec2 – it’s really great amazing thing – last 7 years my work related with various size cluster’s, and last year my “server provider” is amazon – and I may say that amazon is much convenient than any company-owned-datacenter. For my it’s big deal when I can get 100 servers for 10 mins and run some job on them. There’s too much marketing noise in cloud industry, but it works and it works almost fine.
ps. Another point for cloud computing – it’s Steve Ballmer on defining the cloud.

alexey pajitnov

Today is 25 years for Tetris – original game created by Alexey Pajitnov. After creation Tetris this guy deal with many projects, and staff of some of them were located in Moscow – in my very early days I work for Pajitnov’s AnimaTek as Ice&Fire shooter tester – I play in this game every day for 3 hours – after 2 or 3 weeks I told to myself that can’t play in this computer game no more – so since this time I don’t play in any computer game 🙂 If you want to check out original Tetris – check out this Tetris rar package ( folks it’s for DOS ! )

Very intersting document – Attacking Russia’s nuclear forces with detailed city maps, described existing nuclear objects and other targets in Russia. Great thanks to _denplusplus_ for this link.

The very best site is underconstruction I have seen in last year.

Kevin Kelly talks about web technologies in last ten years and predicts what happens with web ( and with us ) in the future.