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update : Also take a look on Forbes analitycs : Identifying The Tech Leaders In LTE Wireless Patents

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Interesting poll in linkedin – results ( as expected ) – Android is first :

Below I put some snapshots from Googl’e chrome release cycle presentation with some comments.
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The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity - gmail, twitter, facebook

.. to be continued

Matt Cutts wrote that Sergey Brin have got a blog. Sergey told that this blog dedicated to his life “outside of work” – actually there’s only one post about 23andMe – project founded by Sergey and his wife Anne Wojcicki. In 23andMe blog Sergey ( and other 23andMe founders ) tried to explain why DNA research is so important for everyone, and how it can help people to struggle with diseases. I’m sure that projects like 23andMe are very important for human health, at least, because the knowledge is power.

Federal Office for Information Security ( Germany ) publish warning about agaings Google Chrome browser. Also guys in Google change some strange things in Chrome’s User Agremeent – Google does not want rights to things you do using Chrome. Anyway browser may give Google much more information about user’s behaviour than toolbar.