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Public cloud providers : hybrid cloud vs instance types, API logging vs stability – comparing goGrid and Amazon EC2 .GoGrid is officially out of beta, so now it’s time to compare GoGrid with the public cloud market leader, Amazon EC2. Both vendors have relatively stable performance metrics and they both implement the basic functionality of a cloud provider:

  • Programmatic control via REST API
  • Scalable data storage solution: Elastic Block Storage in Amazon AWS and CloudStorage in GoGrid
  • Ability to assign external IP addresses
  • Ability to grant root/administrator credentials
  • Many options to configure the cloud cluster
  • Windows and Linux support
  • Web console for monitoring and management

So far, as cloud providers GoGrid and Amazon EC2 look very similar, but practical experience of using them in real-life projects helps us identify some unique features that can be important for specific applications – for highlighed features and bad points for both providers look onto GoGrid is out of beta on Grid Designer’s Blog