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Distributed, non-relational database systems – DNRDBMS – see

Shravan Kumar share with me a Lew Tucker ( Sun’s CTO ) demo where he demonstates Virtual Data Center – it’s not a usual marketing speech, it’s quite interesting. As I understand Lew Tucker talks about this one –The APIs for the Sun Cloud – a RESTful API for creating and managing cloud resources, including compute, storage, and networking components – it looks very attractive and interesting so I’m goin’ to check it out shortly in time 🙂

Here’s another Lew Tucker demos – cloud APIs and how to create and deploy My SQL Virtual Machine

Lew Tucker and Dave Douglas demonstrate web developer application for cloud storage service

All of this videos ( and other sun’s cloud-related info ) is available at Sun’s Community OneEast web event home page, also you may check out sun’s A Guide to Getting Started with Cloud Computing.

Comparing grid and cloud computing services : EGEE grid and Amazon Web Services