Some usefull highlights which looks interested for me from Laws of productivity : 8 productivity experiments you don’t need to repeat (if this link doesn’t work please use this link onto copy hosted on – simple thoughts which may help you to organize process better and make it more efficient.

  • Work 40h weeks with time for rest, never work 2 months of 60h week – it will be effectiry only in initial boost, in common in accomplishes less – here’s graph too much work is really inefficient. Don’t believe it ? Take a look on productivity graphs for factory workers ( 1909 ) and game dev ( 2005 ) – work has changed, people have not
  • Short-term spurs can increase perfomance, but you should keep in mind that team will have equivalent reduction in productivity after – so when you crunch, you pay. 4 days working week is good example for this option.
  • Work overtime kills creativity and sleeping at less 8h improves your problem solving abilities
  • The feeling of long-term increase productivity is false – overtime workers really don’t provide so much contribution into projects. Always use customer metrics to determine actual productivity
  • Team size have an influence on productivity – too small ( less than 5 ) team don’t have enough resources to solve wide array of problems, too big ( more than 10 ) team will have too much cost of communication – small team size have productivity 30-50% more than groups over 10.
  • There’s need to organize process to split large groups, growing new teams and transitions to new projects
  • It’s really better to productivity for same team to seat in one room – faster communication and better problem solving. Also try to avoid unnecessary external interruptions to whole
  • 50 square feet personal space for each developer, all meetings, phone calls – in private rooms
  • Cross-functional team is more effective in common and have more chances to generate breakthrough solution
  • Multitasking – 15% drop for efficiency
  • Schedule 80% – give 20% for creative solutions ( people need time to _think_ ) – this will take effect on new ideas, process improvements and other great things
  • 20 great features is more profitable than producing 100 competent features – really better to have product with small but best-ever feature set than a large ill-target feature set
  • give people chance to prototype their ideas even if they looks crazy on paper – POC shouldn’t take too much time, but if works it will be really great – allow people to pursue their passions
  • Publicize and reward project which goes onto production

ps. Same stuff about productivity : 5 new rules of productivity

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