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Below I put some snapshots from Googl’e chrome release cycle presentation with some comments.
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AWS related links :


Subversion ( svn )

.. to be continued

Using json in bash :

  • jsawk : work with an array of JSON objects read from stdin, filter them using JavaScript to produce a results array that is printed to stdout. For example get’s json ( from Yahoo image search by ‘madonna’ query ) and add some info ( madonna’s real name ) to this
  • wget
    cat json_example.json | ./jsawk "this.ResultSet.RealName=\"Louise Ciccone\"" > updated_info.json

  • you can use some bash/awk/sed stuff to parse json. For example – list all image urls from json
  • wget
    cat json_example.json | sed -e 's/[{}]/''/g' | awk -v k="text" '{n=split($0,a,","); for (i=1; i<=n; i++) print a[i]}' | grep '"ClickUrl":' | sed 's/:/ /1' | awk -F" " '{ print $2 }'

  • or use library from for language which you like 🙂

via v.kruchkov

If anyone interested in it – here’s new update for Sun Grid Engine 6.2 – update 4. It almost about bug fixing and man’s changes – list of changes is here. Sources’ tag for CVS is V62u4_TAG (make sense for Grid Engine, ARCo, SGE Inspect ), by the way as I know Hedeby is still 1.0u3.

If a recent Evans Data study is any indication, private cloud deployments could rise sharply over the next year.

The central idea we were working on was this idea of de-localized information — information for which I didn’t care what computer it was stored on. It didn’t depend on any particular computer. I didn’t know the identities of other computers in the ensemble that I was working on. I just knew myself and the cybersphere, or sometimes we called it the tuplesphere, or just a bunch of information floating around. We used the analogy — we talked about helium balloons. We used a million ways to try and explain this idea – hn Markoff and Clay Shirky talk to David Gelernter – Lord of the Cloud

Very intersting document – Attacking Russia’s nuclear forces with detailed city maps, described existing nuclear objects and other targets in Russia. Great thanks to _denplusplus_ for this link.

Matt Cutts wrote that Sergey Brin have got a blog. Sergey told that this blog dedicated to his life “outside of work” – actually there’s only one post about 23andMe – project founded by Sergey and his wife Anne Wojcicki. In 23andMe blog Sergey ( and other 23andMe founders ) tried to explain why DNA research is so important for everyone, and how it can help people to struggle with diseases. I’m sure that projects like 23andMe are very important for human health, at least, because the knowledge is power.