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Okay, we have text file with list of urls and want to have firefox’s screenshots from this pages and also we need to have this screenshots in some normalized resolution ( like all images should be in 300×400 – thumbnails ). First of all you need to install Command line print Firefox add-on. Then create some simple script which will run firefox with needed url, print screenshot and close ( in my case via kill – may be it’s too brutal ) firefox in cycle. It may look like this ( url_list.txt – file with urls – each url on its own line :-)), after running this script you will have many *.png files which is screenshots for ulrs – 0.png – for first url in urls_list.txt, 1.png for second and so on.

while read line
firefox -print $line -printmode png -printdelay 10 -printfile ${id}.png
ps ax | grep firefox | awk '{ print $1 }' | xargs kill -9 ;
done < urls_list.txt

And now then we have screenshots ( all this guys are in different resolution in common ) then we need to normalize them – to create thumbnails for all images in 300×400 resolution – convert helps!

for f in *.png;
convert -thumbnail 300x400! ${f} thumb_${f}

And we have many thumb_*.pn with 300×400 resolution all. A little note – using resolution without ! sign will work in another way – resize will be processed proportionally with using resize only for one dimension ( bigger one ).

.. to be continued

The US military has announced plans to buy 2,200 more of the game consoles, so that they can massively beef up the processing power of an existing, PS3-based supercomputer. A “Justification Review Document,” which has oddly been deleted from Google since I found it but is still available at this cache link, explains that, “the new PS3s will be placed in a cluster environment with an existing cluster of 336 PS3s by connecting each of the units’ one gigabit Ethernet port to a common 24 port gigabit hub.”

Distributed, non-relational database systems – DNRDBMS – see

Grid Dynamics nominated “2009 Top 150 Cloud Computing Players” by Cloud Computing Journal. Look at letter G – here we are, around Google. ;-).

* Cloud Computing makes your IT excessively dependent on the Internet
* Cloud Computing will attract clients mainly from Western markets
* Cloud Computing makes you dependent on the goodwill of your ISP
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If a recent Evans Data study is any indication, private cloud deployments could rise sharply over the next year.

NYC big ideas :

  • Realtime data on subway / bus arrivals / locations for use in mobile apps,
  • Free WiFi locations in all 5 boroughs
  • Mobile app to replace metro cards and kiosks
via Tim o’Reilly

Recently, I crawl throught and found that they have some bugs in their services – in some categories they have wrong stuff counter and also guys have really bad html code for their product pages. Continue reading ‘ have about a 10% of waste web-traffic’ »

Stallman dismisses cloud computing as industry bluster. “It’s stupidity. It’s worse than stupidity: it’s a marketing hype campaign,” he said – huh, i agree that anything which contain “cloud” keyword have too much marketing stuff , but it’s not really stupid. There’s too much marketing stuff in this area ( and goGrid’s guys are the very first for this ‘too much marketing’ ), but let’s look on amazon ec2 – it’s really great amazing thing – last 7 years my work related with various size cluster’s, and last year my “server provider” is amazon – and I may say that amazon is much convenient than any company-owned-datacenter. For my it’s big deal when I can get 100 servers for 10 mins and run some job on them. There’s too much marketing noise in cloud industry, but it works and it works almost fine.
ps. Another point for cloud computing – it’s Steve Ballmer on defining the cloud.

I've got a stock here Book Buy Sell Sell this is madness goodbye Just a normal day at nations most important financial institution

CppCMS – c++ framework for highloaded web projects and applications. As I can understand CppCMS faster when WordPress + PHP in in 5 times at least, but currently it used only by project owner to support CppCMS blog. To get more info about this project you may look at this links : How to install wiki++ and Wiki++ installation package

Very intersting document – Attacking Russia’s nuclear forces with detailed city maps, described existing nuclear objects and other targets in Russia. Great thanks to _denplusplus_ for this link.

Have you ever wanting to sell your things on e-bay, but you aren’t knowing?
NOW YOU CAN!!! ” – how to earn a million dollars with e-bay in pictures below
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The very best site is underconstruction I have seen in last year.

Amazon announced that Windows Server ( 32 and 64 bit ) will be available as host OS for Amazon EC2 instances. Running instances can be accessed via Remote Desktop. Currently this feature available for private beta ( Windows Server and SQL Server ) only – and public release sheduled before the end of 2008. You may provide your contancs to Amazon to be notified when this product will be available.