world never be the same, android sdk on Visual Studio

Just check it out Visual studio 2015 preview

Recently we made an update in CDN network, so right now it’s 29 nodes all around the world ( more than before ) and there’s some changes in locations. Full list of Azure CDN nodes is here Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) Node Locationsand also you may take a look on them here – CDN node locations on bing map

Azure CDN points in Europe

For some people ( who doing Azure-related presentations and slides a lot like me :-) ) this may be useful – now we have 17 datacenters ( including 2 in Australia and 2 Gov datacenters in US ), so here’s updated map :
Microsoft Azure datacenter locations and CDN locations map

Windows Azure portal - now and three years ago

update : Also take a look on Forbes analitycs : Identifying The Tech Leaders In LTE Wireless Patents

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Cloud computing humor

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Short how-to:

root@215003:~# mysql -u root -p
Enter password:
mysql> CREATE DATABASE s_db;
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON s_db.* to 's_user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '12345678';
mysql -u s_user -p s_db < database.sql

Hello world c++

email versus wiki
via Email vs Wiki

“I have to say, I’m not a big fan of cloud computing” by Drew Dernavich/ The New Yorker 2.07.2011/

Here it is ( with user name, password, database host and db name ) :
mysql -uuser_name -ppassword -Ddatabase_name < database_commands.sql

Interesting poll in linkedin – results ( as expected ) – Android is first :

Below I put some snapshots from Googl’e chrome release cycle presentation with some comments.
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  • How To: Bulletproof Server Backups with Amazon S – old, but good manual about S3 backup
  • HOW TO: Backup Your Website to Amazon S3 – detailed help about using S3Sync for backup
  • Server Backup with Amazon S3 (Howto) – good manual ( using bash and crontab )
  • List of S3 backup tools
  • For those who like to use Azure instead of AWS :

  • Backup files using CloudBerry
  • The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity - gmail, twitter, facebook

    Guys from EC2 announced micro instances – it costs 2 (two) cents per hour for linux and now it’s will costs less than traditional dedicated hosting with root access – monthly payment for EC2 micro instance will be about 15 USD, and price for root/linux on dedicated hosting will be about 30 USD/month. It’s really good news – you can have 100 boxes cluster just for two usd per hour! Bad thing is that micro instances don’t have their own disk space – EBS only, looks like this best ever use case for this type of instances will be highly-distributed computational grid with all data stored in RAM. And don’t forget that EBS will costs you some money – $0.10 per allocated GB per month Amazon EBS also charges $0.10 per 1 million I/O requests you make to your volume . Fredrick Poller’s already check out micro instances performance by sysbench : Amazon EC2 Micro instance, how fast is it?.